NOTE! Schedule of our Middle School boys basketball games. Enjoy!
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pages honoring the local farmers, their history and the industry!
It's been 35 years since she erupted in a fury that many of us still remember!
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Mt. St. Helens
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Victor R. Franz       posted January 26, 2017
Yvonne M. Rushmeier           posted February 17, 2017

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March 17, 2017 Lind Chamber, Bingo & Dinner
May, 2017  ~ Ritzville Classic Car Show
June 9, 10, 11 ~ Lind's 2016 Derby Extravaganza Weekend
  June, 2017  ~ Washtucna's Classic Auto Show
Labor Day Weekend, 2017 ~ Ritzville's Wheat Land Communities Fair
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2nd Sunday in December - Christmas Lighted Parade
May ~ Ritzville Alumni Banquet
Lind Alumni Banquet
Odessa's Deutschesfest ~ 3rd weekend in September
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1988 Centennial Celebration
Lind Lions Club
Old Lind Photos
1980 Mt. St. Helens
Golf and Gun Club
Lind Post Office

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Lind History
Welcome to Lind, WA!
In 1988, Karla Fowles & I spent weeks and weeks in the local museum reading old newspapers. We made the following calendar with information we thought was interesting and pertinent to Lind's history. The actual event happened on the day, month, and the year designated. Enjoy FEBRUARY
Strange things happened to us in that museum, (located in the basement of the Phillips Building). It was spooky down there, and we never would do our research alone. Won't explain some of the instances that we incurred because it just gives Jim and Thayne more ammunition to have us committed. The last sentence at the bottom of each calendar is a comment one of us made.
Most of the 2016 derby photos and pages are posted! 
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Go L-R-S Broncos

Lind-Ritzville-Lamont Bulldogs
MS Boys Basketball 2017
Day    Date    Opponent    Location    Time
Tues    1/17    Odessa-Harrington    Lind    4:00 PM
Thur    1/19    Davenport    Davenport    4:00 PM
Mon    1/23    Reardan    Lind    4:00 PM
Thur    1/26    Liberty    Lind    4:00 PM
Mon    1/30    Springdale    Springdale    4:00 PM
Thur    2/2    Odessa-Harrington    Odessa    4:00 PM
Mon    2/6    Davenport    Lind    4:00 PM
Thur    2/9    Reardan    Reardan    4:00 PM
Tues    2/14    Almira    Almira    4:00 PM
Thur    2/21    Wilbur-Creston    Lind    4:00 PM
Head Coach- Dale Anderson               
Asst. Coach- Kent Ziemer                10/25/16

Check out a few Christmas with Santa's pictures from the December 11, 2016, Lighted Christmas Parade and festivities!
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The Telephonic Shoot BEGAN on January 8, 2017. Always looking for new members!  Contact LeRoy Watson for more information and details. See ya all there! Join the fun and enjoy a great hamburger, soup or chili, and dessert.
Girl's MS Basketball is over for this season
(as well as the Seahawks!)
Time to get ready for the 30th Combine Demolition Derby Celebration! Hoping it's not snowing in June...!
Check Lind's Weekend for all information!
(Contacts, Schedule, Q & A)
30th Combine Demolition Derby Coming Soon!
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Be sure and support your Lind-Ritzville Broncos. They are currently in the District Tournament working their way to the State Tournament. Both girls and boys will be playing another game to move forward. This is an important game for both, as it will be a loser out for them. Follow your teams!  They work very hard to get to this point and could use a lot of community support.
Join the Chamber of Commerce March 17, 2017
St. Patrick's Day Dinner and Bingo for more details