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pages honoring the local farmers, their history and the industry!
It's been 35 years since she erupted in a fury that many of us still remember!
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Mt. St. Helens

John D. Shimek          posted August 29, 2017
Ralph LaRoy “Roy” Gallion            posted August 29, 2017

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Labor Day Weekend, 2017 ~ Ritzville's Wheat Land Communities Fair
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2nd Sunday in December ~ Lind's Chamber Christmas Lighted Parade
May ~ Ritzville Alumni Banquet
May ~ Lind Alumni Banquet
Odessa's Deutschesfest ~ 3rd weekend in September
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1988 Centennial Celebration
Lind Lions Club
Old Lind Photos
1980 Mt. St. Helens
Golf and Gun Club
Lind Post Office

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Lind History

Still don't have the car derby times and placings but most
of the rest of it is finished.;
2017 Derby Extravaganza Weekend.
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Lind's Weekend Page

In 1987, Georgia Hays inspired Karla Fowles and me to dig into the historical records in the museum and to come up with a project for our Centennial Celebration. Well, we did as asked...spending months and months researching Lind's historical events. We finally published a calendar with information for each day...the information coinciding with the correct day, month, and year. Believe me, it was not all fun and games down there in that dungeon...and without explaining, I'll say that more than once we were scared from something spooky that we'd either 'hear' or by something we'd 'see'. More often than not, we'd head for the stairs and the main door, a foot race to see who could get there first. Usually it was a 'tie' as we'd slam that door open and basically fall into the safety of the street. We were always happy to lock up and calmly go home. Never ever would we even consider going our research down there alone. We pretty much kept quiet about our fears, knowing full well that if we told Jim or Thayne, it would just be more information for them to consider when having us committed...

Lind Community
The Lions Club Calendar application has been sent to all box holders in Lind. If you didn't receive one, you can pick up a form at Jim's Market or the Town Hall. Information you provide will appear on the calendar and/or the Christmas Card Board which the Lions display every year during the holiday season. For an application,
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Regretfully I am going to be giving up my webmaster position this fall as we are moving to Cheney. If anyone out there is interested in taking over the reins, please message me on FB or text me, (509) 660-0275. The site is full of valuable historical information plus many action pictures of the community and the derby weekend's activities. I've also tried to include all the current communities activities as well. I truly hate to see it 'out of commission'. Let me know.

Also...we have a very beautiful brick home for sale in Lind. We are willing to consider all offers. Thanks!