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Jerry Busherd & Myra Horton
Every year, Lind rolls out the red carpet during the Lind Combine Demolition Derby weekend to welcome visitors into their community and show the best of what the town has to offer.
This includes showcasing two residents who have volunteered and supported the community for countless years.
The Lind Chamber of Commerce voted and selected Myra Horton and Jerry Busherd to serve as the Grand Marshals for Saturday's annual parade. The duo will be driven down the parade route in a limousine where they will wave to family, friends and visitors who line the streets. Horton said the couple is unsure why they were selected to serve in the designated role, but the list of volunteerism and their commitment to the community proves they are worthy of the title.  Originally from Lind, Horton lived in town for her entire life, minus a year and a half when she resided in Alaska. Horton has been involved in her community by working at the Gateway Café, Golden Grain and in insurance. In 1989, Horton took the job as the Town of Lind's Clerk/Treasurer, and it was the first year the two positions were combined into one. Horton remained with the Town until 2004. After retiring, Horton found multiple ways to stay engaged and involved in the community. Today, she volunteers on Block Watch, is a member of the Chamber of Commerce, is in the third term as a commissioner for the Adams County Cemetery District No. 3 and also has served on the Lind Alumni Board for over 20 years.
Busherd moved to Lind 16 years ago after meeting Horton, who jokes he probably regrets that decision. Busherd owns three rental homes in Moses Lake, and also helps out throughout the Town of Lind. He is also a regular volunteer for Second Harvest, and both he and Horton are members of the Lind Senior Center. Together the two deeply enjoy living in the Town of Lind. They especially enjoy being surrounded by wonderful people and being a part of a supportive community.
Horton and Busherd live with a positive outlook on life, but also with a strong sense of humor and opinion. Horton joked anyone who has met her knows just how outspoken she is. The Derby weekend has always been a favorite for the couple, and they enjoy seeing more people come into the community they love so much. This year, the duo is hosting a family reunion during the fun filled weekend.
A bonus for the visiting family members will be watching Horton and Busherd lead the Grand Parade on Saturday morning.
Busherd has three children, two sons and a daughter. Horton explained Busherd recently had a son pass away.
For Horton, her son Brad O'Neill still resides within the Town of Lind. Her daughter Stacey King will be in town for the festivities, while she explained her son Rick lives in Vancouver and will be unable to attend.
Horton said the couple is excited for the opportunity to represent Lind in the parade. Though they thought it was odd they were chosen, the two are grateful for being selected and cannot wait for their first ride in a limo.
The couple plans to continue volunteering in the community as long as they can, and enjoy the opportunity to give back to the town.
As the people of the community are their favorite thing about Lind, Horton and Busherd are looking forward to being surrounded by those individuals they care for so deeply as they parade through the streets.



1980 ~ Year of the ASH and No parade

1986 ~ Georgia Hays*

1987 ~ Tillie* & Henry Rott*

1988 ~  Anna Carlock* & Bus* & Selma Swarts*


1990 ~ Al* & Dottie Gross*

1991 ~ Godfrey* & Lenora Sackmann

1992 ~ Lloyd* & Ellen DeVore*

1993 ~ Martin* & Anna Sackmann*

1994 ~ Hans* & Gerry Gerlock*

1995 ~ John* & Evelyn Hill*

1996 ~ Bob* & Esther Wright*

1997 ~ John* & Rose Scheeler

1998 ~ Ed* & Inga  Labes*

1999~ Loyd* & Erna Atkerson

2000 ~ Bill & Jeanette Wills

2001 ~ Lenard Roth*

2002 ~ Kathryn Miller*

2003 ~ Ken* & Janet Rasmussen

2004 ~ Ruben* & Pat Fode

2005 ~ Charles "Bud" & Sharon Englehart

2006 ~ Floyd "Skip" Thompson

2007 ~ Dick & Gladie Nagamitsu

2008 ~ Elmer Sackmann

2009 ~ Merlin & Suzie Wallace*

2010 ~ Doug Wilson

2011 ~ Noel Harris

2012 ~ Ruben* & Pat Fode

2013 ~ Howard* & Phyllis  Heil

2014 ~ Phil & Carol Kent

2015 ~ Joe Holland

2016 ~ Jerry Busherd & Myra Horton
Written by Katelin Davidson, Ritzville Journal, Editor
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