Lind WA
Thanks to the following kids (and parents) who took the time to participate in the kiddie parade!  Lots of work went into the adorable floats and kids, and it's
very much appreciated by the community who looks forward to seeing the kids every derby weekend. The chairman of the event, Kindra Haase, does a great job making this event a positive event for the kids of Lind. Next year, take advantage of the fun and the awesome prizes! 
The Lind Lions Club sponsors the Kiddie Parade
Pictures compliments of Katelin Davidson, Ritzville Journal

registers parade entries!
(Thanks, Kindra!)

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Rod Dennis announced the Kid Parade
Thanks, Rod
Still waiting for more pictures, so
hopefully we can 'feature' you
on the site!
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Kiddie Parade
Creepy Crawler Critters

Winners! Congratulations to the following 'bugs'

Deacon Haase - Tarantula,
LeaCadia Bren - Lady Bug
Olivia Blake - Centipede
Dakota Dursteler, Lady Bug
Benjamin Blake, Caterpillar

Although this is a last year's picture, she still looks great!