On a very beautiful day, the 29th combine demolition derby was officially opened in grand style. Thanks to Joleanne Spelts, the Washington Army National Guard Rodeo Queen displayed our nation's colors on her beautiful horse and many trips around the arena.

We always welcome Adam Lamberd and Chuck Hall as the derby announcers. Both guys have been an integral part of our successful derby for many years. This year, Scotty Steele was the 'fill-in announcer for Chuck who could not attend. Both Adam and Scotty did a great job announcing cars, pickups and combines. Thanks, guys, for a job well done! This year's 14 combines were represented by Seattle, Davenport, Odessa, Hooper, Ritzville, Lind, Spokane, Othello and Harrington.
Joleanne Spelts
Washington Army National Guard Rodeo Queen
from Thorp, WA circles the arena with the American Flag. Very impressive!
Combine Demolition Derby!
Opening Ceremony, Action, and Winners!
Derby Royalty
Princess Chelsie Watterson, Queen Cinthia Guizar, and Princess Brianna Kin Kade
There's a lot of action in and around the arena!
Crowds are gathering, the cook shack is busy,
the music is loud, and the announcers are busy.

People were treated to an outstanding meal at City Park following the Parade. Thank you to Marie Borth, County Classic Catering!