Derby Winners
1st Place (tie): Chad Overmyer, Davenport & Jim Oswald, Spokane
3rd Place: Caleb Hannas, Hooper

Best Dressed Combines

1st Place:  City Slickers Pirates, Seattle
2nd Place:  The Extinguisher, Lind
3rd Place: I Want to Go Fast, Harrington
With  co-pilots, Abby and Lucas and Stahley
Sharing 1st & 2nd Place, Prison Break & It Works

3rd Place: Rough 'N Ready
Meet the winners!  It was another fight to the finish, and a judges decision crowned two combines both as winners. The derby could have gone on and on, and these two guys would have still be in combat after dark. Thanks Chad and Jim for putting on a great show!
Enjoy this song written by Frank Bren's Brother, called The Combine Derby! He pretty much nails it on what goes on in this town the 2nd weekend of June.  I'm still working on imbedding the song, and will eventually get the job done......But, it's worth listening to now.

Decoration Winners
1st Place: City Slickers Pirates, Ed Favilla, Seattle
2nd Place: The Extinguisher, Tyran Doyle, Lind
3rd Place: I Want To Go Fast, Josh Houck, Harrington
And we definitely can't forget to mention that our combine drivers take this event very seriously. They always find ways to continue to make the derby better and better each year. This year they started training drivers for the future. Congratulations to these 6 dads! They are committed to excellence as you can see by the children they are holding. These dads are no slouches, either....they change oil, change tires, change out parts, change their minds, and change diapers. l-r Brian Jeske & Paige, Josh Knodel & Kasen, Matt Miller & Ann Marie, Eric Labes & Jett, Jim Oswald & Lucas,
Chad Overmyer & Stahley, and Kyle Young and Treston.

Theresa Longmeier, one of the
decorating forces behind City Slickers Pirate
The Combine won 1st place, hands down,
for their beautifully decorated combine.  entry. Way to go, Theresa!

Many pirates were on this 'ship' as it weaved itself down the parade route. It was decorated to represent a pirate ship on the high seas, and was complete with a crew of pirates, canon balls, guns, a skeleton and plank! Extremely well done. A lot of work went into this combine and it grabbed the attention of the Lind Lions Club and the many people who applauded it during the trip throughout the parade.