Lind WA
Getting Ready
It takes a bunch of people to get this derby up and running for each year's performance. The Lions dig into all the projects and volunteers just start showing up till all the jobs are complete. And, the club welcomes all the help they can get. The final 'hurrah' before the weekend is the Steak BBQ at the arena when the drivers and crew show up for last minute instructions, they receive their packets containing combine information, and they might ask a few questions as they drink a beer or two. It's the calm before the storm for sure.
Overseeing the arena projects!
We like to think these two are in charge!
Logan 6  Justin 7

There are so many things to be done before the derby, and it takes all Spring for many to get them all finished. Fortunately, the Lind Lions Club are workers.....lots of them and lots of time spent at the arena. They finish scheduled projects, clean up the grounds and the arena, hang speakers, finish making OCHA happy on bleacher projects, and always...without a doubt, save some time for a few beers and a bunch of camaraderie. Great group of guys! (With a lot of understanding and support from home!)

As you can see, it isn't ALL work. Always time to rest and reflect and think about the things that need to be finished and will be finished. And then there are those who just like to BS.

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Thanks to Adams Automotive (Adam Colbert) for the help and equipment necessary to hang the speakers. Thankfully, the crew was under the direction of Logan and Justin who made sure the job was completed. The speakers were up and working before the Friday night's events!
John Rankin hangs advertising signs!
Kyle getting ready to hang speakers 'far and above' the arena.
Someone 'accidentally' hung a WSU flag. Hmmmmm, gonna have to get
Josh and Logan on this issue...!
Frank (Cory Kramer) arrives on Thursday
Dale prepares the hors d'oeuvres for the
work night. Rocky Mountain Oysters, a club favorite!
Thanks, John Harder!