2016 Action in the Arena
It always amazes me that so many people could crowd into such a small space and still have a great time!
Let the Derby Begin!!

All the beautiful derby action photos (below)
are compliments of Katelin Davidson,
Ritzville Journal


The derby always begins the event with allegiance to the American Flag. Thanks, once again to /brian Jeske! He's always been willing to participate in the opening ceremonies!  We appreciate it, Brian!

l - r
Josh Houck, Harrington
Caleb Hannas, Hooper
Kyle Young, Lind
Alexis Guizar, Lind
Cory Kramer, Odessa
Curt Franz, Lind
Chad Overmyer, Davenport
Jim Oswald, Spokane
Cody Kulm, Cheney
Tyran Doyle, Lind
Ed Favilla, Seattle
Eric Labes, Lind
Palmer Phillips, Ritzville
Rex Lyle, Othello
And, the training just continues! Meet our newest group of future derby drivers! This new group is the best! 
And they've already won BEST DECORATED as far as I'm concerned!
Top, l-r
Drivers, Eric Labe, Brian Jeske, Josh Knodel, Matt Miller, Jim Oswald, Chad Overmyer, Kyle Young
Josh Houck
Caleb Hannas
Kyle Young
Alexis Guizar
Cory Kramer
Curt Franz
Chad Overmyer
Jim Oswald

Cody Kulm
Tyran Doyle
Ed Favilla
Eric Labes
Palmer Phillips
Rex Lyle