Lind WA
As community members line the streets for the Lind Grand Parade on June 10, two smiling faces will make their way down Second Avenue in a black and gray convertible.

Janet and Emil Sackmann have been selected as Grand Marshals for their outstanding community service and dedication to the Town of Lind.

Janet said the couple feels very blessed to be a part of the Lind community and they are honored to be serving as the Grand Marshals.

Janet grew up in Warden and always appreciated the positive energy of small town communities.

Emil is a long time Lind resident and was born on the family farm just outside the town.

After they married, the couple decided to live on Emilís family farm to continue harvesting crops and to raise a family.

The couple has two children. Their daughter is a kindergarten teacher in Spokane Valley and their son does mechanical work for the Lind-Ritzville bus garages.

They also have six grandchildren who they enjoy spending their time with, Janet said.

The couple have enjoyed their time on the family farm and have spent their lives harvesting wheat and barley.

Emil has been an active member of the community his entire life, said Janet. The couple made community service a priority in their lives in order to give back to the town they love.

Prior to the Combine Demolition Derby, Emil assisted in building the rodeo grounds for the annual Lind Rodeo.

He also served on the Lind Active Club, which is now the Lind Lions Club.

Janet said Emil has had a large impact on the Lind community and they would often reminisce on the memories they made in the town.

Janet said Emil did many community projects under the Lind Active Club including building fences and assisting with the rodeo grounds. He also coached a Lind Little League team for six years.

Janet has also served the community by being involved with Girl Scouts and serving as chairman for the Junior Miss Program for 15 years.

While involved with Girls Scouts, Janet said they would host fundraisers to support the community.

She also taught Sunday School in Lind for many years and is highly respected by those who were her students. Janet said she enjoys being approached by former students and reminiscing on simpler times in the Sunday School classroom.

Janet has always had a passion for music and been playing the piano and organ in church since the age of seven.

She also worked in the engineering department for the City of Moses Lake for 15 years and enjoyed the customer service aspect of the job.

After losing an eye to cancer, Janet said she dedicated her life to brightening peopleís lives and helping lift their spirits up. Losing her eye to cancer failed to decrease her desire to serve others and inspired her to live life to the fullest, she explained.

Janet said she felt life had given her a second chance and she wanted to use it to help others and make a positive impact in the community.

Due to Emilís declining health, Janet said the couple has lightened their load of community service the past 10 years. He is residing at Rose Garden Estates in Ritzville.

She said they continue to help the community whenever they can and she is currently involved in several sewing groups in Lind, Ritzville and Odessa.

She keeps busy completing craft projects and tending to her garden. Janet said she enjoys keeping busy and working with her hands.

When they were selected as Grand Marshals, Janet said the couple felt extremely honored to be appreciated and respected by the Lind community.

She stated they have enjoyed their time and life living in Lind and appreciate the small town atmosphere. She stated the relationships one creates in a small town could never compare to those of big cities.

The couple attends the Lind Grand Parade each year, and they are looking forward to participating in it on Saturday.

Janet said their children and a niece from Michigan will attend the event and wave to them from the sidewalk as they are honored at the parade.

The Sackmannís will lead the Grand Parade at 11 a.m. Saturday after the Kiddie Parade.


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