Lind WA
Harvest at Knodel & Son Farms
We spent a couple hours with the Knodel's, and on a great afternoon harvesting some very beautiful wheat. Chased a couple deer on occasion!  Thanks, Jerry and Josh! It was a very enjoyable afternoon!
Harvest at Coyote Flats Farms
It was a great day harvesting at the Coyote Flats Farms. Tim and Traven Smith
made it possible to get some great pictures. And, of course, we appreciated their cooperation. It was great to see their beautiful wheat crop, as well!  Thanks, Tim, for tolerating the harvest interruptions!

Harvest 2016 at Miller Farms
Had a great time with Matt and Miller Farms. Again, we watched 'em cut some very beautiful wheat on a very nice day. It was very enjoyable and we thank them for letting us disrupt their busy schedule.
Harvest 2016

Warden Hutterian Bretheran

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