Lind WA
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~And decorating the streets~
Signs were made by volunteers who spent hours painting them. They were throughout the down town area for a few years, but the intense Adams County wind played havoc on the poles and they had to be removed.
And business owners had their buildings decorated. Skip had windows painted, his "tenants' in new dresses and standing in the windows, the drug store was beautifully decorated and windows painted by Tracy Wills
6 year old Adam Labes
Karla Fowles Gloria Sackmann
working on Sagebrush to Satellite
Chris Olson & Mickie Starring
Craft Days
Garry Bittick Mitch Phillips
Liberty~History of Lind on stage
Kids entertain in downtown Lind

Karla Fowles Leta Mae Longmeier
Souvenir Shop
Kathryn Miller Howard Heil
Horse & Buggy Days
Sharon Englehart
Mitch Phillips, Jim Kelly,
Curtis Kulm, Garry Bittick
Jim Stevenson &
Alvin Heider
Adam & Josh Wills (7)
Bill Loomis Carol Kelly
Riding mechanical bull
Kids cleaned up areas
throughout the town
Janet Phillips, Clarence Strohmaier, Jim Stevenson, Alvin Heider, Iris Heider
Cheryl Haase
Chairman of Local Entertainment
Horse & Buggy Days
Everett Connor, Bill Loomis, Karl Kron
A Centennial Golf Match
in Odessa, Washington
And on to the Dedication
Megan Wills
Centennial Choir at Park BBQ
Troy, Kevin, Cory, Art,
Steve (back)
BMX Races at the Gun Club
Clarence Strohmaier Lenard Wahl
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Phyllis Stelzer
Suzie Wallace
Jim Kelly, Merlin Wallace, Suzie Wallace