Lind WA
Lind Chamber of Commerce
Meetings: 1st Monday of each month, 6:30 p.m.
at Lions Club Building
(note: if the Monday meeting falls on a holiday, the meeting will be
the following Monday)
Dues: Business $25.00 (owner), each additional person, i.e., Manager $10.00
Individuals - $15.00
Husband and Wife - $25.00
The Lind Chamber of Commerce will be sponsoring a variety of events this season.The club will be hosting other events throughout the year, possibly one every other month. They hope to generate enough money to continue with their yearly sponsorships, such as scholarships for graduating seniors, the fun fair, the annual Christmas Parade and the annual Derby Parade. The club is currently considering local community projects in the town of Lind. Any ideas or suggestions are welcome!

A Chamber of Commerce is an organization of business people and individuals designed to advance the interest of the town. Keep in mind that you do not have to own a business as a requirement for membership.

Become a Lind Chamber of Commerce member....get involved in our town.....join now

Jamie Schmunk, President
Sheri Dworshak, Secretary
Jim Dworshak, Treasurer

Lind Chamber of Commerce
Phone: 509-577-3757 (please leave a message)
PO Box 561
Lind, WA 99341-0561
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