President, Taylor Kerr
Vice President, Craig Cooper
Secretary, LeRoy Watson
Treasurer, Alan Schlimmer
Tail Twister, Bill Wills

The Lind Lions Club meets the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month, 7:00 P.M., taking a summer break after
the June's activities. They will resume regular meetings in September. They are always looking for extra help, so get involved and help them to promote the Lind Community. (Note that they will be selling Brown Paper Tickets which will be available closer  to the derby weekend. There are many places throughout the website which will have a link to them. Keep watching!)  

Their major event is the sponsorship of the annual Combine Demolition Derby and they always  appreciate help from community members. It's a lot of work, but they seem to get a lot accomplished! Attend some of their meetings and enjoy a great meal with the members. Listen to their ideas, then plan to join them and help implement their plans. Check the following link to learn about their events, sponsorships, and plans.
About the Lind Lions Club:
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Enjoy the following photos
1968 Charter Members
These men were original members of the 1968 Active Club. When the Lions celebrated their first 25 years, these members were recognized for continuing Lions  Club members. Back: Ray Stelzer, Jack Shimek, Walt Heider, Bob Phillips, Alvin Heider, Clarence Strohmaier, Merlin Wallace, Joe Holland, LeRoy Watson, Gale Gfeller, Kent Bucher Front: Bill Wills, Lenard Wahl, Ruben Fode, Cliff Hays, Kendall Teague, Bill Loomis, Vic Borth, Jerry Branson, Bob Wright, Dick Nagamitsu

Currently, the following Active Club members who continue as Lions Club members are:
Clarence Strohmaier, Merlin Wallace, Joe Holland, LeRoy Watson, Jerry Branson, Dick Nagamitsu, Bill Wills
Cub Scouts
Matt Livingston, Chris Olson, Steve Schorzman, Michael Cooper, Wesley Cale
Kite Flying
Jimmy Schuler, Jeff Holland,
Steve Schorzman, Troy Panter

Front: Iva Biggs, Cathy Moder, Cathy Pence, Marcee Baker, Yvonne Teeter
Middle: Dee Baker, Jolene Starring, Cassie Livingston, Alice Chandler
Back; Susan Rott, Christi Doyle, Nancy Pence, Debbie Cox, Jenny Rogers, Kim Koch, Erin Bittick, Barb Pence
Traci Wahl, Rodeo Queen, 1984
Parade Grand Marshals, Hans & Jerry Gerlock
Chopping, stacking, delivering wood
Back: Steve Wahl, Everett Conner, Dick Nagamitsu, Curtis Kulm, Tim Fritchle Middle: Dale Stevenson, LeRoy Watson, Alvin Heider, Leon Bafus, Jim Kelly, Rudy Fichtenberg Front: Merlin Wallace, Dennis Maier
BBQ in city park
An old tradition dating back to the 40's with the Active Club
Easter Egg Hunts
Back; Tawny Martel, Ryan Reid, Tim Rott, Susan Rott
Front: Chris Olson, Charity Parkins, Kevin Pennel, Michael Gembal, Mark Thorne
Active Club Float, 1964
Nancy Bauman, Kathy Maier, Franny DeVore
Santa always visits the Lind Elementary right before Christmas. Every year,
he was escorted there by Bill Loomis.
New Rodeo Arena
First Combine Demolition Derby
Pink Pig
The Christmas Card Board was initiated in 1969
Carl Kron & Al Smart affix the names.
The tradition continues with the Lions Club
Getting ready for BBQ in City Park
Dick Nagamitsu, Gary Wahl, Tim Fritchle Until later years, the Lions cooked the BBQ meat in a pit in the City Park
Originally, the Active Club's members were men up to 35 years of age, at which time members had to drop out of the club. I guess the idea of the young organization was that they were physically strong and capable and could easily fulfill all their physical obligations. They began many projects which today remain as the club's main activities and purpose. The Active Club in Lind sponsored its first rodeo in September, 1940 which was called Fall Festival. Riders were all local talent, with local farm stock. During the war, the rodeo entertainment came to a standstill due to gas and manpower shortages. In 1965, the Active Club had sponsored children's events such as the Easter Egg Hunt, Cub scouts, Boy Scouts, & Explorer Scouts.The club voted to disband so they could utilize more of the men in the community. The only stipulation for membership in the new Lions Club was that a member must be at least 21 years old. The new Lions Club received their charter in the 1967-68 year.
The president of the new organization was Kent Bucher.
To find out about the Lions Club community involvement, projects, sponsorships, and events, CLICK HERE
On of the Lions' major projects was to tear down the cook shack, old bleachers, and rebuild. They purchased bleachers from Oregon which required a few trips to purchase and haul them to Lind, and then days to put them together. They fortunately had the engineering help of LeRoy Smart and the talent of many local farmers and business men. 
Mike Doyle, (left) Clarence Strohmaier, Phyllis & Ray Stelzer, Steve Wahl (right)
And down comes the old cook shack
..and the new! The wives were instrumental in making sure the guys were well fed. The shell of the new cook shack provided a great eating place for all the men.
...and the Easter Egg Hunts continue in City Park followed by the traditional Kite Flying Contest at the Lind Airport
Steve Wahl
Mike Doyle
Santa getting ready for his rounds
Bill, Lenard, Alvin, Ray
Tyran Doyle, the 2015 & 2016 Lions Club President
Ruben Fode chaired the immense project
of rejuvenating the old, building the new
Ray Stelzer & Lois Srohmaier
Lynda & Jerry Branson