Lind WA
Lind was first settled in 1888 on a relatively barren area along the Northern Pacific Railway's main line by Dugal and James Neilson. The sight had previously been selected in 1881 for a station (an old boxcar) and section house and was named Lind by the railroad although the exact origin of that name has been lost.The first Lind Post Office was established November 13, 1886 with Charles Jell as the postmaster.  Receiving mail was really quite simple. The Ritville postmaster would put mail on the train and the postal clerk would throw the bag off as they passed through Lind. The new settlers, waiting patiently for the train, would open the bag and the settlers would dig through the mail hoping to find a letter for themselves. (Can you imagine doing that now?). For unknown reasons, service stopped on October 26, 1887, & reopened in 1889 with James Neilson as the Postmaster. It was the first post office with the newly incorporated town.
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Postmasters in Lind

Carin Monroe 12/28/2013
Kathy Fehrenbacker
Loren C. Jensen, 02/19/2005
Carin Monroe, Officer in Charge 01/27/2005
Bessie M. Norton, 07/28/2003
Pamela J. Krupa, 04/24/1999
Martha Janet Rasmussen 11/17/1990
Rodney J. Tinnel, Officer in Charge, 08/28/1990
Carla A. Bengston, 06/27/1981
William L. Ewing, Officer in Charge
Theodore H. Biermann, 09/06/1957
Charlie Schutz, 01/16/1935
Matthew Elmer Morgan, 06/12/1922
Maury Hayden, 07/29/1913
Judson J. Marriman, 05/9, 1898
James Nielson, 06/21/1889
Charles Jell, establish November 13, 1886

Mr. & Mrs. Judson J. Merriman, early homesteaders and postmaster. In 1898, Judson ecame a postmaster and built a 12X14 office to house the postal business as well as his private real estate business. To operating the fourth class post office, his first year's earning reached $290.
Dougal and James Neilson, founders of Lind.  Dougal (Doug) died a bachelor in 1906, and Jim married Miss Lucy Middaugh and built a home at 5th & I Street. The house is still standing.