Hello Fellow Alumni,
We are excited to announce the details for the upcoming 2018 Alumni Banquet. The members of the Lind Alumni Association met recently to plan the annual Alumni Banquet. The Banquet will be professionally catered this year by Tee Time Restaurant (Ritzville.) The Banquet will be held at the Lind High School gymnasium on May 5, 2018 at 6:30 p.m. We encourage you to make plans with your classmates to meet before and/or after the banquet. Turn this sheet over for the 2018 menu.

It is important we receive your reservation by April 25th (phone, email or if mailing, please mail several days ahead of the deadline) as we will need to provide the caterer with a total of meals by this date. Limited reservations can be made at the door, but not guaranteed. For additional information feel free to contact Kindra Haase at 509-428-9496 or Fran De Vore at 561-222-8007. Alumni dues are only $10.00 for each Alumnus. Please ensure your dues are paid before attending the dinner. The price of dinner is $22.50. A lot of time and work is put into the preparation of our annual banquet. We look forward to your attendance and welcome your support. Your prompt reservations/dues are most welcomed.

We are in the process of obtaining a guest speaker, entertainment and a Master of Ceremonies. We welcome any and all suggestions. Please feel free to email/call to share your ideas. In addition to the banquet meal our agenda includes the introduction of our honored classes along with the other graduates as well as the awarding of the 2018 scholarships. All Alumni are invited to attend the banquet with a spouse or a guest. Also, past or present teachers are welcome; if you know a teacher who would like to attend please let us know or let them know when the dinner is and provide them our contact information below.

Please note: the Ritzville Journal will be in the gym before the banquet to take pictures of the honored classes for the newspaper. They will begin at 5:30 in the gym. Please be sure to let your classmates know and pick up a photo order sheet before the shoot.
If you are unable to attend the banquet annual dues are still very much appreciated. Those $10 dues helps to defray the cost of mailings, dinners for 2018 scholarship recipients, supplies for the banquet, etc. The banquet is a great social opportunity to catch up with those you may not have seen since graduating. It truly is a great time to reconnect---the more that attend the merrier. We encourage you to reach out to your former classmates and ask them to join in the fun. Let's make the 2018 Lind Alumni Banquet a night to remember.
We will again be presenting the Virginia Moorman Moore scholarship along with the Alumni Scholarship. It is a pleasure to present scholarships to young graduates. If you wish to continue supporting the Alumni scholarship fund, please include it on your reservation form or mail your donation to the Lind Alumni Association, PO Box 444, Lind, WA 99341-0444. All scholarships will remain with students that reside in the Lind school district.
We do save a tidy sum by sending emails to those for whom we have provided current addresses. Please let us know when you change your email address by emailing us at
lindalumni@gmail.com. Also, if you have changed your postal address PLEASE update that as well.

One of the challenges we encounter when performing mass email/snail mails is that when we receive a letter back or email is returned we have a hard time getting the updated information. Please stay a part of our network and keep us abreast of your addresses as you move around the globe whether just "technically" or "physically." We have added a Facebook page for our Alumni and welcome photos of days gone by, the present and the future. Again, your updates are most welcomed!!! A big thank you to you all for keeping the Lind Alumni Alive!!!!
Honored classes this year will be 1958, 1968, 1978, 1988, 1993, 1998, 2008 and 2018 Lind School District resident graduates.
Fran DeVore (1967) along with her sister Jan (De Vore) Littlebear and Karen Strohmaier (1964) have volunteered to oversee the Database. Kindra Haase is helping with the Dues and Reservations, etc. They all will be needing your help---all volunteers are welcomed.
We will need volunteer Board members along with any other helpers in setting the dinner up on the 4th and 5th. If our annual banquet is to continue these positions are important and we do welcome your help. Please volunteer by checking the bottom of your reservation form. Please do not let being remote hinder your decision - today we can SKYPE our meetings and include you in the fun. Thank you so much!




Year ________ Name ______________________________________________________

Maiden Name _______________________________________________

Year ________ Name ______________________________________________________

Non-Alumni Spouse OR Guest Name __________________________________________________

MAILING ADDRESS: Change? (Yes) (No)

ADDRESS ________________________________________________________________

CITY, STATE & ZIP+4 ___________________________________________________________

E-MAIL ADDRESS: Change? (Yes) (No) _____________________________________________

Circle items being paid:
2018 Dues Enclosed

$10.00 - 1 Alumnus

$20.00 - 2 Alumni Banquet Reservations Enclosed

$22.50 - One Dinner

$45.00 - Two Dinners

Scholarship Fund


Association Costs


Total Enclosed $________________

Please make check payable to: Lind Alumni Association, PO Box 444, Lind, WA 99341-0444

Note: If you have a food allergy (nuts, wheat, etc.) please let us know on your reservation so we can advise the caterer.

Name tags and programs may be picked up at the entrance to the gym.
Yes, I would like to volunteer my services as a Board Member ?
I wish to continue supporting the Scholarship Fund for students residing in Lind School Dist. ?
I wish to help defray costs of the Alumni Association ?
(stamps, envelopes, printing, etc.)
Yes, I will volunteer to help with the setup on the 4th and 5th of May. ?

Buffet Menu

Tee Time Restaurant

Entrees ~
Glazed Ham
Chicken Cordon Bleu

Side Dish ~
Potato Au Gratin

Vegetables ~
Green Beans
Carrots with Butter

Salads ~
Tossed Green Salad

Bread ~
Homemade Rolls with Butter

Gourmet Cupcakes & Cheesecakes

Beverages ~ Coffee - Water - Tea

Facilities for a class gathering:

Lind Senior Center (main hall) -- Lind Senior Center (south hall)
To reserve please call 1-509-677-3620 - 9:30 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. Mon.-Wed.-Thu.-Fri.

Gavilon (former Union Elevator) - call 1-509-677-3441 during business hours

Lind Lions Club - 1-509-660-1002 Dale Stevenson or Jim's Market 1-509-677-3581

Slims Restaurant 509-677-8854

Lodging accommodations: (all in Ritzville - 17 mi.)

Bronco Inn Best Western: 1-509-659-5000

Days Inn: 1-509-659-1007 Reservations -1-877-659-1007

Colwell Motor Inn (Best Value Inn): 1-509-659-1620 Reservations - 1-888-315-BEST

Empire Motel: 1-509-659-1030

Information is also available on the Lind web site - http://www.lindwa.com/