The Derby was the brainchild of Bill Loomis, a farmer in Lind who decided it was time to spice up the yearly Rodeo.

Ever June, fans of agriculture, small towns and demolition derbies file in to the small Adams County town to enjoy a unique site, old combines running into each other.

If youíve never been, imagine the largest bumper car set youíve ever seen.  Derby Chairman Mike Doyle said now in its 32nd year, the Derby was established to celebrate Lindís history.

ďThe Combine Derby started back in 1988, that was Lindís centennial.  So they wanted to figure out something unique, so two guys, came up with the brainstorm of having a combine derby.Ē

Doyle said this crowd pleasing event has a huge impact on the town of less than 600 people.

ďSo, over the years, itís become very popular, weíll draw about 4,000 people a year, could be a few more or a few less, depending upon the weather, but itís a very good money maker for the Lionís Club.  That is our moneymaker for the year.Ē

This year the Derby is set for Saturday June, 7-8-9, 2019.  Lind, WA is 17 miles South of Ritzville on Highway 395