Lind WA
Lind's History

Enjoy the following pages on area farms and farmers
Included is a brief history of equipment to modern day farming.
Area farmers and their harvest is recorded in pictures.

Mt. St. Helens
In 1980, the mountain unleashed her fury and buried the town of Lind in ash. I'm just beginning to add pictures of that time in our history which still is very clear in the minds of all who lived through it. I have started this page, but will be adding more pictures as I find them. If you have any to share, I'd be happy to include them.
Centennial Celebration
In 1988, Lind celebrated 100 years with a 9 day "party". I have scanned many pictures and hope to do more later.With 300 people on committees, we enjoyed many events and for all ages. Chances are that if you were in Lind during the celebration, you'll find yourself in one of the pictures. Some of you weren't born yet, but your parents or grandparents are probably in some of the photos. Enjoy!
Lind Lions Club
The following pages tell the basic history of the Lind Lions Club, beginning with the history of the Active Club. I'm adding pictures of some of their projects and ongoing events. You very well might find yourself in one of the photographs that I've included. I'm not finished with the pages, but you are welcome to see what's been done so far.
Lind Rodeo
The Lind rodeo has a huge history. I am still researching and looking for pictures of past rodeo participants, (many who lived in Lind). You can now read some very hilarious stories written by past royalty and a couple cowboys. Be patient with this one as I have to go back to the files for information.
The Good Old Days
(or so we're told!)
These pictures are compliments of Sidney Wahl (Nonie & Al Smart) local friends, and from those collected
in 1988 when writing Sagebrush to Satellite. Thanks to everyone who generously shared their photos or their stories. I'll happily add to the pages if you have pictures to share! 
Lind Golf & Gun Club
The Lind Golf and Gun Club has quite a history. Although the golf course didn't last long, it still has a very interesting background. Possibly a few of you may remember, or at least remember stories about it. The Gun Club (as it is called now) also has a great history. If you were ever a trap shooter, I think you might find yourself in one of the pictures. If you don't, let me know and I'll find one!
The following pages will give you a little insite into Lind, how it started, and the activities that have developed it into a great community. Enjoy.
And if you have pictures that apply to any of the sections below, please let me know and I'll happily put them on the page.
Lind Post Office
Lind was first settled in 1888 on a relatively barren area along the Northern Pacific Railway's main line by Dugal and James Neilson. The sight had previously been selected in 1881 for a station (an old boxcar) and section house and was named Lind by the railroad although the exact origin of that name has been lost.
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