Lind WA
Luis "Louie" Alcocer passed away peacefully on June 25, 2019 at the age of 64 in Moses Lake, Washington. His parents, Ramiro and Demetria Alcocer, and his brothers Demetrio Alcocer and Ramiro Alcocer, have preceded him in death. Luis is survived by his children, Alejandro, Demetria, Anthony and Chad and his two grandchildren Ava Lynn Sullivan (daughter of Demetria) and Sophia Bilyeu Craig Alcocer (daughter of Anthony).

Luis loved making people laugh and always had a joke up his sleeve. He enjoyed fishing, playing cards and going to the movies. He was known for his tamales, salsa and homestyle cooking.
He was loved by many and his giving nature was one of his best attributes. His faith in God was clear and the love he had for his family was profound.

His children, alongside their mother, Carmen Gaitan, mourned privately for their loss. Luis will be laid to rest in Santa Maria, California where he will be buried, and a private ceremony will be held with his immediate family.
A note from his children: Dad always told us that when it was time for him to go, he didn't want anything "fancy". He just wanted to be buried in California and he wanted us to dump menudo and California grown strawberries in his grave. He always found a way to make us laugh; even in the darkest of times. Our father found long lasting relationships with many individuals in his community and we thank all of you for those friendships, as they brought much joy to our dad.