~ ~ Lind Pickups~ ~

Determined on race day
If you have any questions, please contact:
Eric Lund (509) 989-2878
~~ Entry Fees ~~

$30.00 Pickup and Driver

~~ Rules ~~


1. Any 2 wheel drive full-size pickup. Rear wheel drive only.

2. Driver's side door must be protected with a minimum of 2 rows of metal that extend at least 6 inches past both ends of the door onto the fender and bed. Grader blade or 4-inch angle iron at a minimum. Any sharp edges are to be rounded off.

3. Front radiator protection (cattle guard) is allowed within reason. It cannot be wider than the front bumper of the pickup and will contain no sharp edges. This is subject to tech approval to maintain the safety of the competitors.

4. Roll bar mounted in bed is required. Bar should be made of minimum of 1-3/4" .090 steel tubing and welded to frame of pickup with angled supports to wheel wells. Any cross bracing cannot obstruct opening to rear window. Tubing can be welded to a 6" x 6" plate mounted to the bed floor instead of the frame if preferred.

5. Fire extinguisher will be mounted inside the cab within reach of the driver. No duct tape please!

6. DOT approved helmet must be worn. Full face helmet with shield or goggles suggested.

7. Seat belts must be worn. Five (5) point racing harness suggested.

8. Driver's side window net is suggested.

9. Rear and side glass will be removed. All trim, body chrome, head & tail lights, and loose parts must be removed.

10. Stock front windshield can be used. If removed, the driver's side must be covered in expanded metal or screen to protect driver.

11. 5 gallon gas tank mounted behind the cab in the bed is suggested. Stock tank allowed if outside the cab, but must not have any more than 5 gallons of gas at any time during the race.

12. Heavy duty rubber truck mud flaps behind rear wheels that reach the ground are required.

13. Only one tire per corner is allowed. Any style tire is allowed. 1-ton trucks will remove one of the duals.

14. Each truck will be numbered. Number will be painted onto both sides and roof of pickup. Please use a contrasting color and numbers must be at least 20" tall.